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Keep It Local, Sierra Foothill Farms

In this issue of Keep It Local we interviewed Paul Harrison of Sierra Foothill Farms, a Lincoln CA. based farm. Paul’s passion for his farm, his home and family is apparent within the first moments of meeting him. He has tirelessly, and with great dedication, built his farm and home with his own two hands over the last 30+ years.
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Every fence post, every blade of grass, every paint brush stroke, have been planned and implemented by Paul. The most amazing aspect of his story is its origin. At the ripe old age of 12 Paul drew pictures of what his dream property would look like, now and without intent, Paul has realized that dream in Sierra Foothill Farms. WHF encourages you to contact Paul and learn more about his beef, eggs and pecans. Keep It Local.  

1. Where are you located?

North of Gladding McBean Pottery Plant at 3150 Gladding Road

2. What do you grow/raise?

Free range cattle or beef, free range chickens for their eggs & pecans

3. Where do you sell?

From the farm

4. How did you get into this business?

Moved to the county in 1980 to raise animals and have room to grow my own food.

5. How many acres is your farm/ranch?

I personally own 5 acres. My neighbor has 11 acres, which I farm and take care of.

6. What do you love about what you do?

I love being out of doors. I love the challenge of taking care of animals on a daily basis and I love to watch them.

7. Is there a downside, something you wish you could change?

Regulations and the cost from the government.

8. How many people work your farm/ranch?

Myself, contractors and causal wage earners. Ag students from Lincoln High School are my causal wage earners.

9. What level of importance do you personally place on the product you provide in regards to the overall health and welfare of the community?

Grass fed beef is as good for you as wild caught salmon. There are essential nutrients that can only be found through grass fed beef.

10. What kind of support do you receive from the community in terms of a belief in locally conscious shopping?

we receive very good support but they still need to be taught about beef raised this way versus feedlot beef.

11. What is your perfect day? Work, fun or both.

A day that is 80 degrees with no rain and slightly breezy. I feed, water, repair and fix the farm to be more efficient. Working can be fun. I especially enjoy the relaxing time at the end of the day with my spouse.

12. How do folks inquire about buying?

Home & Farm number 916-645-7262 ask for Paul Harrison.

What better way to feed your family than on grass fed beef and eggs that have been raised with such care and respect. Buying your eggs and beef from Paul will leave your heart and belly full.

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