Sun City Urban Bird Project

The Sun City Lincoln Hills Preserve is located within the Sun City Lincoln Hills (SCLH) housing development.  The expansive wetland and open-space areas are embedded within the Sun City neighborhood and provide a variety of high quality nesting places for birds such as killdeer, California quail, and waterfowl.  The natural areas provide habitat for these ground-nesting birds as well as many other species of wildlife, however, when young birds become mobile and start following their parents through nearby development areas, they often face harmful situations.

The Problem
Storm drains line the streets in the development and the horizontal grates are wide enough to allow young birds to fall into the drains and become entrapped. It is very difficult to rescue the young birds in time and without intervention, these young birds perish. This is a re-occurring problem throughout each nesting season.

Our Solution – Storm Drain Covers

Wildlife Heritage Foundation is working to make SCLH a safer place for wildlife and reduce the impact, entrapment and mortality of young birds. We are installing custom-made storm drain covers on select “high risk,” storm drains throughout the community. The covers are constructed of lightweight permeable material that will remain in place throughout nesting season (until late August). The covers block the young birds from falling in the storm drains while allowing for water to flow through freely. The storm drain covers will be checked at regular intervals throughout the summer to make sure they stay in place and are doing their job.

Wildlife Heritage Foundation staff have identified the primary target locations for placement of storm drain covers in “high risk areas” where there have been previous or repeated incidences of bird entrapment or documented nesting birds in the area.

Storm Drain Cover in Action


How can you help?

  • If you see birds trapped in a storm drain, please call Sun City Lincoln Hills Facility Staff at 916-645-4500
  • Do you have ground-nesting birds in your neighborhood or yard? Please call WHF at (916) 434-2759.
  • Make a donation today and save hundreds of baby birds!

To Make A Donation

YOU can make a difference and help young birds grow-up and thrive in our community!  Please consider making a donation today to support the Sun City Urban Bird Project. Any amount helps, but with a donation of $75, you can help place one custom-made cover on a storm drain that will protect baby birds for multiple seasons to come.

To donate, click the “Donate Today” button below and select “Sun City Urban Bird Project” in the drop down menu OR mail your donation to WHF with a note specifying you would like your donation to go to the “Sun City Urban Bird Project”:

Wildlife Heritage Foundation

563 Second Street, Suite 120

Lincoln, CA 95648

WHF biologists will be assessing the location of the storm drain cover placement.  Your donation will go directly to the program and will help place storm drain covers where they are needed most.

Every dollar makes a difference in these young birds lives! Join your friends and neighbors by making your community a safer place for wildlife. Please make a donation today!