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GOLD AWARD Project : Save Our Seas (SOS)

Gold Award Project

Have you heard about the garbage patch in the Pacific Ocean? Did you know this island of trash is harming our sea life and includes the Chinook Salmon that can be found right here in Auburn Ravine Creek? The trash in the ocean often originates from our local creeks.

I’m Buttercup, the Creek Geek and I’m here to help teach you about the importance of keeping our water healthy and clean.

Let’s do our part to protect our oceans and local creeks.

Check out Spread Clean Ocean Awareness with this

garbage patch found at a creek clean upHere is a photo of our own local garbage patch found at a creek clean up.

Come follow me on a journey along the Auburn Ravine Watershed to the San Francisco Bay.


Let’s see how we can help preserve Auburn Ravine Creek…

It is important to protect our local waters because it is a source of our drinking water, a place for recreation and Chinook Salmon habitat.

Come along with me as I share some important facts and figures about our local waterway and wildlife. Such as fish ladders and importance of Salmon in our local creeks. See how you can take part keeping our creeks clean.

To learn more about keeping our Chinook salmon healthy and alive, visit the links below:

More about the Auburn Ravine Fish visit:

All about the Chinook Salmon at CA Fish and Wildlife

Enjoy some fun activities at

This special segment was created by Nathalie K. for Girl Scout Gold Award 2020. Currently a Girl Scout Ambassador with Girl Scouts Heart of Central California. Nathalie has been in Girl Scouts since she was a Brownie. She encourages all, especially fellow Girl Scouts to get involved with her challenges and to learn more about Wildlife Heritage Foundation efforts to protect our local wildlife habitats such as Auburn Ravine Watershed. For more information about Education Program opportunities including Scout badges, contact Veronica Griffiths, vgriffiths@wildlifeheritage.org.