Teachers here you will find curriculum tools related to the natural environment including: wetlands, endangered species, water quality, regulations, and more.It is our hope that through this section of the website you, the teacher, will be able to empower your students with the respect and knowledge of the natural environments around them. Both understanding and respect are necessary to build a better world.You are your students’ inspiration. Inspire change, inspire hope, inspire them any way you can.
Wildlife Heritage Foundation is here to support you any way we can.

our education director

Why I do what I do

As the Education Director for WHF I feel like I have the best job in the world.  My days consist of finding creative ways to get kids outside and, ultimately, watching their senses engaged as they experience nature in living color.  There is no better feeling than watching a child’s world transformed as they discover the abundance of life, color, and texture the natural world offers.  Let’s join forces and get your students outside!

Lia Hoover
Education Coordinator
[email protected]

Useful Resources for Teachers:

The Wildlife Heritage Foundation Education Team is also here to assist you in setting up free in-class demonstrations, presentations, field trips and more. Contact us by phone or email. We are ready to help you create Citizen Scientists in your class.

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