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Conservation Confluence June 2019

Conservation Confluence


Summer is in full swing and we are busy with stewardship and monitoring activities on our properties throughout California.

For the third year, we received a TAP Program grant from the California Council of Land Trusts to host summer interns at our office for eight weeks. Our interns learn the ins and outs of land trust work while providing us with fresh new perspectives of the work we do.

Welcome aboard, Adrienne and Isaiah!

My best,

Darla Guenzler, Executive Director



Baby Owl ChicksIn early June, we retrieved first photos of burrowing owl chicks emerging from one our constructed burrows at the Valley Glen Swainson’s Hawk and Burrowing Owl Preserve. This is the fourth year in a row with successful burrowing owl nesting and young in the artificial burrows constructed by WHF staff. Nesting activity is occurring in at least one of the four constructed burrows this year, and installation of additional trail cameras may pick up more unexpected activity in the coming weeks!

-Gaylene Tupen, Lead Biologist


Nesting Tree Swallow FamilyIn our last newsletter, we reported on the installation of nesting boxes at our McBean Park Preserve. Less than two weeks after installation, we welcomed a tree swallow who chose our nesting box for her nest. The female tree swallow spends a few days gathering grass and feathers and then presses her body against the nest shaping it into a cup. She will lay four to seven pale pink eggs that turn white after about four days. In two short weeks, the eggs hatch and the young tree swallows fledge approximately three weeks later.

-Veronica Griffiths, Education Coordinator