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Adoption is a way for us to provide you the chance to give directly to a part of our program that you care about most. Whether you want to help kids experience hands on activities, or ensure they have the chance to visit our field trip locations, or by giving to a class thereby providing us the funds to bring the outdoor world inside, you are doing something amazing.

This Adoption Program is a powerful way for you to give back. So give for yourself or give on behalf of another person whatever you decide you are improving the chances that our natural world stays protected forever by educating the youth today.

Reasons to Adopt today

  • Kids need to get outside
  • Your contribution keeps the program alive
  • You can make a difference today

adopt – a


Giving to a trail means that your money will be used to acquire new specimens used as discovery items for kids along our property trails during the field trips.

Field trip

Giving to a field trip means you have provided transportation to one of our annual field trips and allowed many children access they otherwise wouldn’t have.
Field trip


Giving to a class means that your donation is being used to purchase valuable resources to bring the outdoor world into the classroom for underfunded local schools.
Why your adoption mattersdirector of EducationKelly Velasco
What does it mean to become a member of WHF? It means that you are just as committed as we are to our community, the earth, and our children. It means that you believe in giving back and promoting conservation in your community. It means you want to get kids outside and experiencing the wonders of the natural world. Please join us in our efforts, we appreciate every contribution.
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