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WHF has been assisting project proponents in California for over 12 years. Whether your property is large or small, our intention is always to satisfy your needs while preserving the integrity of our foundation.

WHF conserves property in the following areas:

  • Open space as part of city, county, regional, or other conservation plans
  • Habitats set aside for mitigation such as mitigation banks or off/on site mitigation projects
  • Habitats designated to protect threatened or endangered plants and animals or species of special concern
  • Wildlife habitat that results from preserving working ranches and recreational lands
  • Property earmarked to preserve specific species, such as native oaks, native plants, vernal pools, wetlands, riparian vegetation, and other resource areas
  • Agricultural properties

We perform the following services on a as needed basis:

Conservation Easements

 WHF can assist with the following:

  • Conducting assessments to determine whether a conservation easement is the right tool for preserving wildlife habitat or agricultural property
  • Creating operations and management plans for easements and other properties
  • Assisting property owners in drafting and recording conservation easements
  • Creating and implementing monitoring plans for preserved lands
  • Holding and monitoring conservation easements on properties of any size

Land Management and Endowments

 WHF can assist with the following:

  • By using the Property Analysis Record (PAR) computer program, created by the Center for Natural Lands Management, determining the funding necessary to do short-term restoration work or long-term monitoring on easements or conservation properties
  • Designing and budgeting management plans for conservation projects
  • Investing, monitoring, and managing endowment funds
  • Working with the property owner’s association to maintain open-space properties
  • Recruiting teams of consultants for planning and implementing habitat restoration and management

Land Stewardship

 WHF can assist with the following:

  • Performing site surveys to determine baselines for management plans
  • Acting as active stewards of conservation properties
  • Overseeing the stewardship work of other agencies

Project Monitoring

 WHF can assist with the following:

  • Designing monitoring plans
  • Implementing short- or long-term monitoring plans
  • Preparing monitoring reports for regulatory agencies
  • Assisting with interpreting monitoring data for adaptive-management plans

Download our current project list here.