Why should you give to WHF? – The short answer is because we cannot reach as many kids without your support.

We provide FREE field trips and in-class experiences to over 300 students each year and we would love to expand our program even more. Because funding at the school level is, at times, unstable, our ultimate goal is to create new opportunities for kids to explore nature. With your financial support we can do it. When you give to WHF you are joining in our efforts to Get’em Outside!

We believe that children need the opportunity to discover nature and all its wonders first hand. They need to hear, touch, and smell the outdoor world. Our youth will be the catalyst for protecting and conserving our environment in the future. This is the core mission of our outdoor education program.

An appreciation for the natural world starts when you are young and we are firmly committed to passing this appreciation on to as many kids as possible.


How can you give to WHF? This is the easy part. Just select the DONATE button below and give whatever amount you choose. Remember, every little bit helps!

All donations are tax deductible. Our tax EIN is 943352965 And 97% of your donation goes straight into our Education Outreach Program while 3% is used for administrative expenses. Every dollar is accounted for and used correctly.

How you can give
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