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WHF Weekly Activity Idea


Looking for something to do this weekend that doesn’t require sitting in front of the TV. Check out this weeks activity. This will be a great one for this weekend since the rains are soon to arrive. Have fun.

Bike Photo Safari: Materials

· Bikes and bike helmets

· Digital cameras (one per team)


· This party is a picture hunt on bicycles.

· Each team of two or three kids gets a safari clues list and a digital camera.

· The team must use the clue list and photograph the location or item they believe is correct within a determined time limit.

· When everyone returns, someone reviews the photos on each team’s camera to see how many clues they fulfilled.

· Photographs of correct locations or items will be judged for artistic quality as well as accuracy.

· Award prizes in many different categories: most artistic, picture furthest off the clue list, most locations correct, etc.

· Parents and kids can work together to make a slideshow of their digital photos from the adventure, or kids can make an album or scrapbook of the printed images.

· The party continues with lunch or dinner to celebrate everyone’s creativity in the safari.

We would love to see pictures or your Bike Photo Safari. Post them to our FB page.