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Cassandra Killingsworth grew up in rural Lincoln. She graduated from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo with a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science and a teaching credential in Agricultural Education. Ms. Walker is now an agriculture instructor at Lincoln High School and has enjoyed this position for the past eleven years. She currently teaches the Sustainable Agriculture Biology classes at the 405-acre high school farm and is able to incorporate the farms natural environment into the agriculturally based curriculum. She also provides local elementary students the chance to experience all that the school farm has to offer, by providing farm tours with her biology students as well as helping with the environmental lessons the Wildlife Heritage Education program has to offer using the farms wetland and vernal pool habitats. As one of the FFA advisors, she spends extra time strengthening her student’s leadership skills, which helps prepare them for future career success. In addition, she gladly volunteers her time teaching the local 6th grade students about the school farms unique natural surroundings at the annual Outdoor Learning Environment (OLE) program. Finally, she helps coordinate the Outdoor Education program at Lincoln High School, which has continued to be provided for students after it was created by retired teacher Mark Fowler. Through this program, high school students are given the chance to travel into various outdoor environments on hiking trips to further their education about the importance of our natural habitats. Cassandra has always been committed to both agriculture and the natural world around us and strives to pass this commitment on to future generations.