Lifetime Membership

The future is uncertain and because of that each of us at WHF wakes in the morning committed to making the world a better place for us having been upon it. To do this we have dedicated ourselves to conservation and education. Through our efforts we are ensuring our own legacy and the legacy of the Wildlife Heritage Foundation. We invite you to secure your legacy with the Wildlife Heritage Foundation Lifetime Membership. With this gift your legacy is solidified; you will have made your mark on the world and guaranteed your place in the history of WHF.

For $1195 you can tell the world you were here and that you made a difference. With this amazing gift you will be remembered by us in perpetuity. Lifetime Membership is not only your lifetime but also of the Wildlife Heritage Foundation. You become the legacy.


  • Lifetime Member Shirt
  • Lifetime Member Hat
  • Certificate suitable for framing
  • Custom framed preserve photo
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