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Conservation Confluence March 2019

Conservation Confluence

News From WHF

The winter rains are bringing stunning native wildflower on our properties throughout the state! We hope you enjoy the visuals we have for you this month and be sure to mark your calendar for our creek cleanup on Saturday, May 4th. More information can be found here.

My best,

Darla Guenzler, Executive Director

Spring in Central California

Spring in Central CaliforniaWHF holds conservation easements on a stunning working ranch in Merced and Santa Clara Counties. The ranch provides high quality habitat for California tiger salamander, California red-legged frog, San Joaquin kit fox and is adjacent to protected California tiger salamander breeding habitat and oak woodland habitat. During a recent monitoring visit, we witnessed the painted lady mating ritual during their migration journey. Click on the image to watch the video!

– Kelly Velasco, Associate Director


Panoche valley super bloomWinter showers bring spring flowers! This month the WHF stewardship team visited the Panoche Valley and got to experience the amazing super bloom. This year’s heavy rains have brought millions of wildflowers to California’s landscapes. Wild flowers such as goldfields, California poppies, shooting stars, lupins and many more, cover the valley floor and mountain sides. If you plan to visit any of the super bloom locations, please remember not to trample or pick flowers, to tread lightly, and stay on designated trails. Happy spring!


– Sarah Wood, Field Technician


Field TripThanks to proceeds from our Trivia Night last October, WHF was able to purchase a class set of binoculars for students to use for the 2019 field trip season and into the future. It is always exciting for us to see the students put the binocular strap around their neck and peer through to see what awaits their inquisitive eyes. What a great way to bring nature a little closer! Mark your calendars for our second annual Trivia Night October 4, 2019 at the Blue Goose Loomis. More information to come!

– Veronica Griffiths, Education Coordinator