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2012 WHF Education Program


Dip netting in freshwater ponds, dissecting native plants, examining animal bones and owl pellets, and engaging all five senses during nature walks are only some of the activities that students experience during a typical field trip with WHF. Our Outdoor Environmental Education Program has grown and flourished over the last four years. What started out with a limited effort, hosting two field trips a year, has transformed into a multi-faceted program. We not only share the wonders of the natural world with young students at a few of our protected preserves, but we also give school-wide presentations on the benefits of grazing open space. In addition to this, our Education Program has begun to branch out into community-wide outreach by hosting the annual Calling Back the Salmon Celebration.

Kelly Velasco, our Education and Outreach Director, is always on the look-out for new ways to deliver hands-on, engaging, science-related experiences to students of all ages. The Foundation is committed to continuing our current programs and expanding them. We plan to include multi-visit field trips to allow students to experience how the landscape changes throughout the year. In addition, we are hoping to develop and grow our community-wide, educational nature walks at a few of our properties.

Be sure to check our website often for new events and activities that may come up. If you are a teacher and you are interested in taking a completely free (including bus transportation) field trip to one of our properties, be sure to fill out the form on our website at www.wildlifeheritage.org. Hopefully we will see you sometime in 2013!